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Anjaneya kalari sangam

Chanthamuku, Peyad Alantarakonam Rd, Peyad, Kerala 695573

About Us

Anjaneya Kalari  Sangam Specializes in the Southern form of Kalaripayattu & Traditional sidha Marma ,Kalari chikilsa.Kalaripayattu follows the ancient Ayurvedic and Marma methods of massage, using the feet and the hands to spread herbal oils all over the body, to regain its vital spots. These natural oils are made in the centre by the traditional way, and are different according to each specific treatment. there are several treatments to heal many kinds of pain normal massages to improve the ciruclationa nd the nervous and muscular systems; specific massages to heal mental tensions, rheumatic diseases, blood pressure or skin problems and marma masasages

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